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July 4-7, 2019

2019 Summer Conference


Thursday July 4

6:30 pm          Pastor John Reeves

Hard Sayings


Friday July 5

   11 am           Pastor Rick Warta

Justified By This Man

      7 pm           Pastor Don Fortner

   Learning From The Reprobate


Saturday July 6

            10 am             Pastor Gene Harmon

    The Gift Of The Holy Ghost 

        11 am             Pastor Donnie Bell

       Are There Degrees In Glory

              6 pm             Pastor Gene Harmon

     The Cleansing of Naaman

           7 pm             Pastor Don Fortner

   Vain Worship


Sunday July 7

                10 am            Pastor Donnie Bell

        Seven Fold Justification

             11 am            Pastor Don Fortner

                  When The Gospel Comes In Power