t                   oPastor John and wife Kathy  


Preaching God's Sovereign, Electing Grace   


December 9,2018



Sunday Morning December 9th, 2018


  Sunday Morning Bible Study                  10:00 AM

   Sunday Morning Worship                       11:00 AM

  Sunday Evening Worship    Canceled       6:30 PM

  Friday Night Bible Study       Resumed      7:30 PM


                         OPENING HYMN

            “How Great Thou Art”                   pg4


                SCRIPTURE READING

                    Psalm 111




                     WORSHIP HYMN

          “Calvary Covers It All”              pg189


                    SPECIAL MUSIC

                     To be announced.


                         Message Title

                “Sactifying Grace” (pt. 3rd of 9)


                      CLOSING HYMN

            “What A Wonderful Saviour”       pg81



Work day to spiffy up for winter conference will be scheduled for

January 12th that is a Saturday Lord willing


                       FOOD FOR THOUGHT

   “A. W. Pink said, ‘When the sovereignty of God is denied, there will be no awe of Him.’  How true, for it is only before an Almighty, and Sovereign God that men will bow down and WORSHIP.  It is only in the purpose and will of our sovereign, all-wise Father that we can find PEACE.  It is only through the blood and righteousness of a Redeemer WHO CANNOT FAIL, that we have a GOOD HOPE of eternal life!”

                                                                                                                Pastor Henry Mahan



   “We cannot keep our eye too exclusively or too intently fixed upon Jesus.  All salvation is in Him.  All salvation proceeds from Him.  All salvation leads to Him.  And for the assurance and comfort of our salvation we are to repose believingly and entirely on Him.  Christ must be all!  Christ the beginning - Christ the center - Christ the end.

     Oh, sweet truth to you who are sensible of your poverty, vileness, and insufficiency, and of the ten thousand flaws and failures of which, perhaps, no one is cognizant but God and your own soul!  Oh to turn and rest in Christ - a full Christ - a loving Christ - a tender Christ, whose heart’s love never chills, from whose eyes dart no reproof, from whose lips breathes no sentence of condemnation!  CHRIST MUST BE ALL!”

                                                                                                         --Octavius Winslow